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  1. Hey everyone i wanted to give out my review for this software i have been using it for 3 months
    Good Things: By Far the best software i have ever tried for automating Functions on Yelp you can Send messages,review Businesses,Download Leads,use those leads Later it really works great.
    Bad Things: Well i noticed that sometimes it takes software longer to Review all Businesses and that is pretty much it, all functions work really great with this Software by my experience
    Its Well Worth the Money and it works as Described on their Website!
  2. Tool for all promoters,Business Leaders who wish to promote and Contact many Businesses at once.
    And Scrape All Data in the process!

    Yelp Business Suite is a Software dedicated to all those people who want to get more Information than ever
    This Automation Software was designed to help you get more customers more connections more buyers and ultimately Much More Sales!
    Just imagine if you could contact Business Leader all across America and the entire US for that Matter,with your Unique Offer and Unique presentation of your Work.
    This Software was designed for all professionals Who are determined to Sell More and Create more Connections in their Business Environment.

    Imagine how this system works,you go out and Scrape all important info Yelp has to Offer,then you can use Scraping data any way you want to.
    You can sell it to someone or you can Contact these Businesses and Promote your own product,
    You can get everyone interested in your own project,
    So there are no limits Fire Up Yelp Business Suite and Get Crackin!
    Video Demo

    Release Date 16/1/2015

    Yelp Business Suite 
             Version 1.1 Change Log
    Added Memory Optimization(Your app will now run much longer without any errors) Updated HMA Change IP Module Advanced Scraper Optimized Added Minimize App Option Added Restart App Option Optimized Business Message Poster Added Save File (Custom File Path) Yelp Business Suite
    Version 1.0 Change Log
    Added Login Module Added Advanced Scraper Module Added HMA Module Added Business Message Poster Module Advanced Scraper has been Updated with following Features:
    1.       Business Name
    2.       Business Address
    3.       Phone Number
    4.       State
    5.       City
    6.       Zip Code
    7.       Website Name
    8.       Yelp URL

    Normal  Price  for this  software  is 98$ but for all my  colleagues and
    Forum members you can have it for just 79$

    Re-Branding ---------------- Possible Send me PM
    Source Code Selling------- Possible Send me PM
    For All Inquiries please send me a Message so i can Clarify every question!
    Best Regards Guys!