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  1. Hey Guys for all of you who own our Software here is your chance to comment Bad Things and Good Ones everything is allowed so let us know what do you think about our Products and Services!
    Best Regards from John!
  2. So i need to know which Tool do you guys use and it would benice to know why so you can write an answer into this thread!
  3. So where can we find or download this tool for generating backlinks?
  4. So Guys since we had few requests we decided to Open up our Affiliate Marketing Program for People who want to sell our Software to their Business Contacts,Friends,Connections and others....
    So What exactly is this Affiliate program About?
    Well its simple really lets see few points:
    Market Our Product Generate Sales  Earn $$$ for yourself Repeat That wasn't hard now was it?

    So how does this work you ask?
    Well if you have other people who are working on similar stuff like you, you can suggest them our Software to Improve and Ease them their Work Load, you know best how easier it was for you once you started to use one of our Leads Generator Software!
    Now Every affiliate gets 40% of every sale they make on selling our Software this means that you can earn around 30$ per sale!
    Mostly our Software costs around 70$ and simple math will tell you
    What is 40% of 70 
    40% * 70$ ==> 0.4% * 70$ ==== 28$
    Every Potential Affiliate has to Contact Administrator iTbots in order to Discuss this Opportunity for Earning a lot of $$$.
  5. Hey guys i wanted to Know what new exciting new stuff are you working on right now??