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Content tagged 'manta lead generator'

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  1. So My Review of Manta Scraper:
    Good Things: The Best and pretty much Only Scraper which actually works for this website like advertised on their Website.
    Bad Things: Scraping Speed is Slow now i know it has to be slow to avoid their Security but since i have used this software for a while now that is the only bad thing i can think of from my 5 months of using the software!
    You will Get a lot of use from it that is for sure we made over 2000$ in 3 months selling our Products from E-mails we collected using this Software so i cant complain it is a great Purchase!
  2. One of the largest Business Websites has been finally conquered with
    this powerful Software!
    Manta has All The Information locked    away but now you can have Thousands of Clients in a BUTTON CLICK!

    Imagine If you could Get instant access to all information from Manta.com
    Taking your Research hours away in just minutes you can have all the local Clients you NEED!!
    Manta. com  Contains All Information you could ever need in your Research efforts.

    Our Scraper Scrapes all Possible Info from this Website which can easily be placed into Excel for further review important parts are there:

    PHONE Number

    So You will have plenty of information to work with and plenty of information Scraped for your own purposes!

      Release date : 13/1/2015
      V1.2 Features
    · Auto Change IP with HMA VPN Pro

    ·Restart App – Added

    ·Minimize to Tray -  Added

    ·Save Scraped Data  - Added ==> For people who stop the software and want to save the Scraped Info to Custom Location on their Hard Drive.

    ·Automatic Saving of Data on Users Desktop while Scraping

    ·Added memory Optimizer

    ·Added Browser Navigation

    Removed Useless CSS (All the cool graphics to optimize memory while scraping)

    Added the Option to Activate your product on 2 different computers per 1 license

    Added the Ability to Scrape from every manta Directory
    (You can scrape info from all branches of Manta I.E you can scrape info from all over the world not just U.S

    Release date : 13/1/2015

    Please Know we do our best to Update this software in order to do that we appreciate being informed if you have suggestions please let us know if your suggestion is something we can incorporate into the software we will absolutely do it,our goal is to keep our clients happy with this Software!

    Release date : 25/12/2014

              V1.1 Features
    ·         Added HMA Module

    ·         Manual Change IP

    ·         Manual Connect to VPN Network

    ·         Manual Disconnect from VPN Network

    ·         Added Company Title into the Scraping Module

    ·         Added Captcha Support Including 4 Services Supported

    Release date : 12/11/2014
              V1.0 Features
    ·         Scraping Module Added

    ·         Added Automatic Updates

    ·         Added NAICS Number into Scraping Module

    Version 1.3


    This was my first effort in Making Bots i worked on it for few months Manta was very tricky but we managed to create an Application which can ByPass Manta Blocking features using  Captcha Account and HMA VPN Pro!
    I didn't wanted to market it until i was sure its stable for my Ubotting Friends here on the forum and i think we reached a point where software is stable and ready to use by anyone ,its very useful for Marketers and Advertisers to Advertise your own Business or Website!