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  1. So i Purchased This Software about 3 days ago and itbots support encouraged me to make a review about this software so i said what the hell lets do it so let me share my experience.   Good: Works Incredibly Fast and you can research 10 keywords at once and SOftware stays stable in one run i managed to get 11000 results.   Bad: To be Honest there is no bad side here software works exactly as described and its fun to use so i reccommend it to anyone!
  2. Posted Today, 06:04 PM

    LinkedIn Lead Generator is a Software which was created for users with LinkedIn Pro Version,therefore our customers use this tool for finding correct contacts to collect Information from This
    You Can use it if you have Basic Account as well but after some time (Depending on how big your account is LinkedIn Could limit your search query)
    This is why we sell this on Demand people who use this tool usually have LinkedIn Premium and they collect these data and sell it to their customers)
    There is only handful of our customers that use this tool since we didn't even marketed it yet so you iTbots guys will get an exclusive run on it.
    Let me List few Benefits of this Source Code and how useful it can be in your case
    Find Contacts Related to your Keyword Find Information about LinkedIn Groups Find Info about Companies related to your Keyword Learn about Scraping process on LinkedIn (Which i assure you isn't easy) Sell Scraped Info (We do this on almost daily basis) Inspect this Code and Learn from it See the Scraped Info in organized form in your Excel (Almost like an API)  

    So we are selling
    Compiled Bot (We can Re-Brand it according to your needs
    Source Code (Which gives you the freedom to add your own Existing Code to it)
    Of course you can learn from Source Code and Find out just how does this work!

    For All Pricing Please Send me a Message and i will reply ASAP to all you guys!
    For as Long as I am Selling this Bot you will have Full Support and Receive Updates For Free from now on!
       Best Regards Boys & Girls!    
    User Profiles.csv
    LinkedIn Companies.csv
    LinkedIn Groups.csv
  3. So as i understand there is some LinkedIn leads generator available for request so where can i see this?