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  1. So i had a chat with John from itbots support he asked me to review this products i purchased about 3 weeks ago and he said its critical to be honest so i will try my best here:
    E-bay Scraper works very good for Scraping E-bay American Version i had a special request to include Australian Version as well John quickly send me an update so as for their Support Service i am pleased how fast they can be.
    Scraper works good no interruptions or Captchas or any Account Problems with my E-bay Seller Account emerged in 3 weeks.
    Results are Put in a CSV file which i Upload to my Ecommerce store with Turbo Lister so i am only saying this for my needs this software works great i didn't noticed any special problems with it (Well few times my computer restarted due to Windows Update was set to automatic that was my fault so that interrupted the scraper) but The software itself works as described.
    Good Job John and entire itbots team!