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Content tagged 'amazon leads'

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  1. So i bought this tool a year ago and this is what i would say about this software.
    Generally it works as described but i found that Amazon doesn't disclose all results they found in the search for instance if you search for a keyword and they show you like 120 pages they will only let you download 100 pages sometimes it goes beyond 100 depending on the keyword in general i download about 7000 leads per scrape using this software and for my purposes it works nicely i am actually glad they updated it cause before this update this software wasn't this good but it looks like they took care of it.
     I own several of their products and this along with E-bay Scraper works very good if you have your own Store i just adjust prices and upload it with a tool on my store!
    Easy simple and pricing is good,nice software from these guys!