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  1. Dokker added a question in User Experiences of Our Software   

    Yelp Business Suite>>>My Review
    Hey everyone i wanted to give out my review for this software i have been using it for 3 months
    Good Things: By Far the best software i have ever tried for automating Functions on Yelp you can Send messages,review Businesses,Download Leads,use those leads Later it really works great.
    Bad Things: Well i noticed that sometimes it takes software longer to Review all Businesses and that is pretty much it, all functions work really great with this Software by my experience
    Its Well Worth the Money and it works as Described on their Website!
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  2. Dokker added an answer to a question Fiverr Promoter Pro V2   

    I Also have Fiverr Promoter i was asked to do a review so here i go:
    Great Stuff: Software can send Unlimited Messages to FIverr Community in Spinned format and you can send Attachments and Favorite Gigs and this all works pretty Good really i am happy with the way it works.
    Bad Things: Sending Messages is Kinda Slow it takes 12 seconds to send 1 message i asked support why is it like this and they told me that FIverr Has a Messaging Function to Flag accounts which send messages every 10 seconds and they explained that Software was designed to keep my account safe from Restriction and Limitation on Fiverr so i asked around on Fiverr Official Forum and one of their Moderators Confirmed that this is True so i know its not really their fault,so that is the only bad thing i can think of for this software other than this it works flawlessly!
    All in all Its a Great Software to Have!
  3. Dokker added a post in a topic ITbots Team?   

    It looks like you guys are going strong!
    Itbots has been here for over 3 years that is a good run!
  4. Dokker added a post in a topic ITbots Team?   

    It says on About Us Page they have over 170+ Customers,but on forum there are about 130+ People,not every customer seems to register here!
  5. Dokker added a post in a topic ITbots Team?   

    What you know Deadunderman???
    He is my favorite seller he dissapeard from Fivver recently i cant seem to find him anymore!
    EDIT: Is this Him??

  6. Dokker added a post in a topic Support and Customer Relations   

    I used Yelp Multithread Scraper today (ITbots gave me a trial i must say it works faster than Manta) Much Faster i was surprised,but they dont offer E-mail so that is a big Let Down,but all in all Great Software i will purchase it!
    iTboss (That is my new name for you) When will you be online man so we can make this happen?
  7. Dokker added a post in a topic iTbots Official Affiliate Program   

    How didn't i saw this topic before???
    ITbots i sent you a PM for affiliate option please reply ASAP!!
    btw. Marco if its not a secret which bots did you sold?
  8. Dokker added a post in a topic Software Updates   

    Hey thanks for Updating TSU Bot for me man really glad you did that i saw on video just how it works man its awesome.
    Thanks Again Mr. Admin!
  9. Dokker added a post in a topic New Stuff you are working on???   

    Well i heard you are making some Backlinks Tools from forum member so when can we see that?
  10. Dokker added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    Hello everyone!
    Hey guys i came here to learn from itbots and hopefully try to make my own software some day and have a vast network of customers just like itbots!
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  11. Dokker added a post in a topic Getting stuff done   

    hey itbots you mentioned you will pair up soperpages and yellowbook!
    When can we see this???
  12. Dokker added a topic in General Discussion   

    YELP Scraper (MultiThreaded)
    so i was wondering any of you know how to get E-mails on Yelp i am using this software for scraping and so far so good (Works excellent btw),but fact is Yelp doesnt have E-mails listed anyone knows how to get e-mails from them?
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  13. Dokker added a post in a topic Support and Customer Relations   

    I also noticed this,i went to sleep left Manta to work it was suppose to scrape 100 pages  i woke up (7 hours later) it only Scraped 120 results i was like WTF???
    Then i opened the file in Excel and i saw 3650 Results and again i was.....WTF!!!
    Then i saw this topic and now its clear why,i just wanted to say Scraping really works Great, Big Recommendation to anyone just dont be shocked at first like i was.
    Also i send Admin message about WorldWide scraper he said we can expect an update today!