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  1. Alex added an answer to a question Aliexpress and Alibaba scraper   

    Yes, i'm trying to talk with the developer about the update, but i cannot.
    i've changed idea, i don't recommend to buy this software without the new update  because is unuseful.
    Without the SKU code and category products scraper, this software is unuseful.
    I hope they will add this features asap.
  2. Alex added a question in User Experiences of Our Software   

    Aliexpress and Alibaba scraper
    Hello,  i bought Aliexpress and Alibaba scraper some days ago and i can recommend this software, it works well.
    The developer offers a valid support and it will add some new features to scrape also SKU code and category products, like bestseller,  from aliexpress.
    I'm very satisfied and happy of this purchase.
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