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  1. Williamsewvek added an answer to a question Manta Scraper   

    I Own This Software for about 3 weeks and i had difficulty using their 2 browser feature....but then i realized how easy it actually is so after watching their video tutorials i picked up this technique fairly fast!
    Anyway as fro software and how it works.....i can only say that it works exactly as described in their videos,there is a small learning curve and that is all after that, working with this software became very easy and leads it pulls are good in every case!
    Kudos to developers,good job!
  2. Williamsewvek added an answer to a question Aliexpress and Alibaba scraper   

    I Bought this scraper week ago i mostly use it for Stores and so far it works nice,installing is easy and running the software is quite simple,you search for something and once you find it you task the scraper to find all products in the nice you want!
    Developers have been very kind to me so i decided to review their software for other future buyers!
    Keep up the good work guys!