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  1. Marco added an answer to a question E-bay Scraper (Ecommerce One)   

    This scraper works for most of the E-bay see i downloaded leads from e-bay stores and e-bay original website so i had this tool in original version and it had a flaw it  used to crash then they updated it added some memory optimization tool and i never had any problems with it.
    All in all a good scraper and it works for stores which is a big deal!
  2. Marco added an answer to a question Amazon Scraper (The Review)   

    I use this tool for a while and it works as described i noticed amazon doesn't show all results too but still i get 10000 results for my ecommerce purposes so software works very good and i am happy with it for now i only had this new version so i cant speak about the old one.
  3. Marco added a question in User Experiences of Our Software   

    Fiverr Promoter Pro V2
    So Guys i am Impressed with this Software and wanted to share my Opinion here on their website.
    I Made around 56$ since i start using this software and i have been using it for 2 weeks and what i can say is that it works amazing in past 2 weeks i send over 500 messages to fiverr Community and they never restricted me or limited my account my Gigs are doing really good and my sales are improving.
    I simply send messages promoting my products in attachment and people usually Buy them and its all automated and works Perfectly.
    Thanks you guys amazing software for Promotion and marketing i hope you will keep developing it!
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  4. Marco added an answer to a question Manta Scraper   

    Hey Guys so i am using this Software for 2 months and it had its setbacks in beginning they updated it and now it works perfect for my needs it looks we all sell our products using this software .
    So Scraping Speed is good
    Results are always Impressive
    And Price was Great considering how much Data you get from Manta.
    Anyway this is an great software to have in your marketing Tools!
  5. Marco added a post in a topic Fiverr Promoter Pro New Version   

    Woow v1.2 is out Thanks Guys this new version is awesome i can now favorite gigs and upload attahcments!
    Awesome Stuff!
  6. Marco added a topic in Customer Area   

    LinkedIn Generator
    Will we see new functions and functions for this software,i am happy for now but will you guys add more stuff into it?
    Like auto Messenger and Connection adder?
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  7. Marco added a post in a topic Fiverr Promoter Pro New Version   

    Amazing Software 
    I have it and its awesome for promotion i sold 5 gigs in 7 days with it amazing ,great work iTbots
  8. Marco added a post in a topic So Here is am   

    Hello i hope you remember me Deadunderman we used to work on Fiverr,you made me some awesome Imacros scripts glad to see you are back again!
  9. Marco added a post in a topic Fiverr Promoter Pro New Version   

    I have it on trial to see how it works,so far i am impressed!
  10. Marco added a post in a topic iTbots Official Affiliate Program   

    Great program mate i sold 3 of them already!
    made 100$ with this program!
    Thanks itbots
  11. Marco added a post in a topic What is the Best Promotional Software?   

    I agree with the cute chick above me,you get e-mails fairly fast and you can use it any way you want!
    Special bonus is when you buy manta software you alse get Spoke.com Scraper now!
  12. Marco added a topic in General Discussion   

    Relaxation Tips?
    So i was wondering most of us are Marketers how do you guys relax or unwind ?
    i am asking because my back lately started to hurt nothing too bad but i thought i would ask my peers how do they deal with this?
    Well? Any Advices?
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  13. Marco added a post in a topic Backlinking Tool???   

    I have it too very minimalistic design itbots but very useful code really nice job once again!
  14. Marco added a post in a topic iTbots Official Affiliate Program   

    Hey itbots i may have a buyer for LinkedIn software i will let you know today!
  15. Marco added a post in a topic [Sell] Linkedin Leads Generator ==> [Source Code+Compiled Bot]   

    I bought it yesterday itbots gave me a fair discount for it only 120$ i keep admiring this code and its simplicity.
    You are really ingenious itbots very nice approach to scraping i guess that is to be expected from someone of your quality!
    Very Nice Code all in all,happy i purchased it!