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  1. MarisolCar added a post in a topic Fiverr Promoter Pro New Version   

    I love this tool i earned 200$ so far with it,great stuff guys!
  2. MarisolCar added an answer to a question E-bay Scraper (Ecommerce One)   

    Very good tool it works as described in the video,well basically all of their products work as described in the videos!
  3. MarisolCar added an answer to a question Manta Scraper   

    Well to be honest my experience with the software is kinda divided yes there are good things and bad things about it to be honest (Since they asked me to make an Honest Review)   So Good Things are as Follows:   1- Scraper Works as Described 2- Scraper Speed is Satisfactory to me (I have a lot of experience with Similar Websites so i know how much it takes to make something like this work) 3- They really do offer Full Support i had Endless chats with John about Various Functions of this Software.   Now Here are the Bad things i can't believe nobody mentioned them before:   1-Sometimes Scraper's "How Many Business Scraped" Thing Gets Frozen and it doesn't Updates as it should this Threw me off quite a bit until i realized the error i will explain below. 2-Sometimes Scraper Freezes Due to DBC Failing to send the Real Code to an Image(Basically when Software hits an Captcha Image DeathByCaptcha sends the software the wrong code and Scraper Cannot Continue)     Now Let me tell you about my Experience with iTbots and this Software.   I purchased it and immediately i got an Email to Download the Software So i got my License key i entered it activated my copy ........bla,bla,bla Then i Tried to Scrape Something as Described in their Videos of the Software at Work.   This is where i first Experienced the 1st point of my "Bad Things" List.   See I started Scraping it was going well i got to the 77 records and for the first time i noticed Software has Hit a Captcha image And then i watched very closely to see will it solve the captcha correctly .....and it did i was amazed and then i realized that scraper works,so i chilled out and minimized it to tray and went to sleep.   Then i woke up the following morning and an immediate Shock to me apparently scraper only scraped 122 records,(I was sooo MAD)   I Contacted iTbots Support and to my surprise they responded and asked me to check the generated file (This is when i got even more MAD) I Mean How Dumb do you think i am??? they insisted that i check the file,so i figured fine i will check the file even though i know there are only 122 records...   Another Shock, I Import the file to Excel and to my surprise the file contains 3226 Records Scraped (I set it to scrape 100 pages) This is when i was truly amazed.   I Immediately started to Apologize to John Personally since i really wanted this to work as Promised and it did work i just wasn't aware of this Bug and then we had a long chat about the problem and after few hours i Concluded that this small bug is not that important seeing how i can download so many leads.   Now to my Second Point the DeathByCaptcha API Mistake (Its not itbots fault btw)   See i have been using the software for 3 weeks now and i know how to use it but back then i didn't knew much about it, i noticed that sometimes scraper stops scraping at around 2500 records and i started to watch closely what is happening i figured out that the code that DBC Sends to the software for solving captchas is Wrong Like i said its not itbots fault but due to this error i had to restart the software and go again later on i learned you can have several copies running the same time and that was kinda cool.       What can i say i tried other software's for generating leads but Manta offers Unique Information about every business and no other software supports downloading leads from their website (There are few but they are very old and out-dated)   My Best Experience was with itbots cause unlike others they actually respond to all my questions and i have to give props and thanks to John I wasted a lot of that man's time in order to figure out how to make this work,eventually i realized that their videos explain everything you just have to watch them trough.   And their Software works in fact the only reason i am writing this is to let others know what can they expect from this software to put it simply:   It Works Nicely,you just have to get used to its quirks once you get that going you will generate massive leads i made a lot of $$$ using telemarketing from Phones that this scraper Scraped so it was a money well spend!   I Encourage anyone to try this,you wont make a mistake!
  4. MarisolCar added a question in User Experiences of Our Software   

    Amazon Scraper (The Review)
    So i bought this tool a year ago and this is what i would say about this software.
    Generally it works as described but i found that Amazon doesn't disclose all results they found in the search for instance if you search for a keyword and they show you like 120 pages they will only let you download 100 pages sometimes it goes beyond 100 depending on the keyword in general i download about 7000 leads per scrape using this software and for my purposes it works nicely i am actually glad they updated it cause before this update this software wasn't this good but it looks like they took care of it.
     I own several of their products and this along with E-bay Scraper works very good if you have your own Store i just adjust prices and upload it with a tool on my store!
    Easy simple and pricing is good,nice software from these guys!
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