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  1. Ismaelnor added an answer to a question Anyone with recent experience?   

    I Use E-bay Ecomerce Scraper and so far i am satisfied with it,last update was 2 weeks ago and they simply fixed few things
    By my experience with itbots they usually update something once soemone on the Forum reports an Error or something i am using Amazon Scraper,Ebay Ecommerce scraper and Manta Lead Generator now truth be told i use Manta Lead generator a lot more i use E-bay Software Moderately (Few times a week) and Amazon Scraper is maybe twice a week depending on my needs.
    Anyway to answer your question yes they make regular updates to their software and tools
  2. Ismaelnor added a post in a topic What is the Best Promotional Software?   

    I also use Fiverr Promoter and Manta Software both working Great!
  3. Ismaelnor added an answer to a question Fiverr Promoter Pro V2   

    I Purchased it 2 hours ago and so far i send like 70 messages and made 4 sales with my messages so this is a cool software i watched all videos for this software and its awesome for Marketing and Promotion.
    Great Stuff Guys!