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  1. Isaiaslype added an answer to a question Fiverr Promoter Pro V2   

    I bought it after seeing all of your comments since they have No questions asked refund option i figured i will give it a shot so i had this software for 2 weeks and i am also amazed how good it works this is how i do it:
    I turn it just before i go to bed.
    When i wake up i have at least 40 messages waiting for me and everyone is interested in my gig and i made around 94$ in 2 weeks and this software paid off completely i actually made some money with this i am glad you guys reviewed this product otherwise i would never bought it i simply dont trust just anyone but after seeing your comments i wanted to try it and i am glad i did!
    Nice Software amazing for Promotion and Marketing!
  2. Isaiaslype added a question in User Experiences of Our Software   

    Yelp Leads Generator my first review!
    So i Purchased This Software about 3 days ago and itbots support encouraged me to make a review about this software so i said what the hell lets do it so let me share my experience.   Good: Works Incredibly Fast and you can research 10 keywords at once and SOftware stays stable in one run i managed to get 11000 results.   Bad: To be Honest there is no bad side here software works exactly as described and its fun to use so i reccommend it to anyone!
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