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  1. aktercop added an answer to a question Amazon Scraper (The Review)   

    Great tool i must say it works like a browser software and its undetectable by Amazon,i have been using it for a month now it scrapes every important thing i was amazed how fast it works and there are no problems with it,i just start it up,set my keyword,search for it,and click on "Start Scraping" and done deal software scrapes around 100000 items from single scrape that is what i saw in my scraping jobs it takes like 4,5 hours to get all of it!

    Nice stuff iTbots i like your software so far!
  2. aktercop added an answer to a question Manta Scraper   

    Woow There is a lot of your guys,i was also asked by John to make an Honest Review and they have been good to me since the start so here it goes:
    First Of All iTbots has been very professional from the start i worked with Lisa,John and Nick and they have been very Kind to me that is why i am happy to review this software.
    So Good Sides of Manta Scraper is :
    It Actually Scrapes Data As Intended and There is very little you need to know about the software all you need is DeathByCaptcha Account and you are good to go it works on all my systems Windows 10 and Windows 8 Without any issues from the start.
    Software will get you around 3500 leads per keyword and yes it works little slower but that is to be expected from Manta i Tried literally EVERY OTHER SOFTWARE FOR GENERATING LEADS,But This is the only one which works exactly as described.
    So The Bad Things About The Software are as follows:
    Sometimes Bar which Counts how many Data Software has Scraped gets frozen and even though Software Continues to Scrape  It Appears as it is frozen i remember my first Scraping efforts when i started the scraper and it stopped at 50 haha,so i left it running all day cause i had to go to work anyway when i came back and opened the scraped file it had 3445 Leads inside it I Was Confuzed and Then i went on the forum and i saw that this is a common thing and with time i gotten used to it,John explained once that this happens because manta is trying to Block or Crash the browser or something i dont understand the Technical Details of it all.
    So that is the only thing i could Mind but all in all my true opinion is that This Software is Amazing i told several of my friends about it they were thrilled once they used it everybody thought Manta is Not Crackable i Tried Python Scripts i Bought on Fiverr i tried Imacros,Ruby even PHP to make this Work and then i stumbled on a Facebook Ad Which Said that itbots Apparently has a solution i tested it and tried it i used it since version 1.9 and Software Works As Described that is my point i am not surprised there is not more reviews in this section Marketers out there do not want people to know about this Software it gives anyone an Unfair Advantage and a Lot of Leads from a Website which is Un-Hackable.
    All i can say is Thank you itbots and keep up the good work,i love the Free updates you guys put out for everyone i love the Spoke Scraper i got with the software (Which also Scrapes E-mails that is a big help)
    So That is My review i Hope you will buy this and Save yourself a lot of Time finding Quality Leads!
  3. aktercop added an answer to a question Fiverr Promoter Pro V2   

    I have this tool for a while now around a month i think anyway it is amazing for Marketing i personally am marketing my websites and i receive a lot of traffic and people are interested and Fiverr sellers usually buy stuff from me so far i made a decent amount and this software payed off entirely its  good thing you can send messages in attachments favorite gigs great Software to have i was impressed with it.
  4. aktercop added a question in User Experiences of Our Software   

    E-bay Scraper (Ecommerce One)
    So i had a chat with John from itbots support he asked me to review this products i purchased about 3 weeks ago and he said its critical to be honest so i will try my best here:
    E-bay Scraper works very good for Scraping E-bay American Version i had a special request to include Australian Version as well John quickly send me an update so as for their Support Service i am pleased how fast they can be.
    Scraper works good no interruptions or Captchas or any Account Problems with my E-bay Seller Account emerged in 3 weeks.
    Results are Put in a CSV file which i Upload to my Ecommerce store with Turbo Lister so i am only saying this for my needs this software works great i didn't noticed any special problems with it (Well few times my computer restarted due to Windows Update was set to automatic that was my fault so that interrupted the scraper) but The software itself works as described.
    Good Job John and entire itbots team!
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  5. aktercop added a post in a topic ITbots Team?   

    Very cool project and Website i must admit i use some of your tools and they are good for marketing purposes very nicely done!
  6. aktercop added an answer to a question Yelp Leads Generator my first review!   

    Hey there i was asked to make a review about the Software so i guess they owe me one now.
    Good Things about this Lead Generator is the fact it works Incredibly Fast like Light Speed lead generation and results are good for my needs i collect actual addresses for my SEO Niche so i can reccommend this Software to Anyone who need Leads from Yelp!
    Good Job you Guys!