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  1. Kennethzose added an answer to a question Anyone with recent experience?   

    I Use this tool a lot i have a system of scraping i scrape ebay listings and then i run a Script in Excel which Loweres the prices of every listed product by 0,2$ i can tell you first hand it works as described.
    It can be sometimes annoying when there is no price at all but this is mainly E-bay's Fault cause some prices are for bidding some are for auctions but all in all i am happy with this software,unlike all of you i only have E-bay Scraper so i dont have any of the other tools you are talking about.
  2. Kennethzose added a question in User Experiences of Our Software   

    Manta Scraper
    So My Review of Manta Scraper:
    Good Things: The Best and pretty much Only Scraper which actually works for this website like advertised on their Website.
    Bad Things: Scraping Speed is Slow now i know it has to be slow to avoid their Security but since i have used this software for a while now that is the only bad thing i can think of from my 5 months of using the software!
    You will Get a lot of use from it that is for sure we made over 2000$ in 3 months selling our Products from E-mails we collected using this Software so i cant complain it is a great Purchase!
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  3. Kennethzose added a post in a topic Amazon Product Scraper   

    This is amazing i bought this and it works great btw this program was updated maybe you should update this thread!
  4. Kennethzose added a post in a topic [Sell] Linkedin Leads Generator ==> [Source Code+Compiled Bot]   

    Wow good software but expensive man!
  5. Kennethzose added a post in a topic Relaxation Tips?   

    i have ergonomic chair which supports my back it wasn't cheap though it costs 240$ on Amazon!
  6. Kennethzose added a post in a topic LinkedIn scraper....   

    this seems good where can i find this software?
  7. Kennethzose added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    Hey everyone
    hey guys i am Kenneth from the States i love itbots software and their programs i came here to learn more about it!
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