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  1. Malik Ristig added a question in User Experiences of Our Software   

    LinkedIn Leads Generator---My Review
    Now I have been using this software for a month now so this is what i can say about it i was asked to do an honest review so that is what i will do.
    Bad things about this software is that is doesnt collect all info like E-mails which is kinda bad,but good thing is that is literally collects everything else from LinkedIn and that is a good thing and it has a Profile Viewer so that is the best thing about the software by my Opinion.
    So That is what i had to say about the software!
    Good one for sure!
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  2. Malik Ristig added a post in a topic Fiverr Promoter Pro New Version   

    Hmm i am not sure how Fiverr Responds to all this dont they ban you or something?
  3. Malik Ristig added a post in a topic LinkedIn Generator   

    Interesting question i would like to see that too!
  4. Malik Ristig added a post in a topic What is the Best Promotional Software?   

    I USe Yelp Business Suite it allows me to send E-mails directly on Yelp to business leaders and this is the simplest way for me at least!
  5. Malik Ristig added a post in a topic [Sell] Linkedin Leads Generator ==> [Source Code+Compiled Bot]   

    It seems like a nice purchase i will send you PM itbots i would like to buy the source code guys say its great!
  6. Malik Ristig added a post in a topic Manta Generator   

    Manta Scraper has always performed well i had it for a long time and updates were always nice and it worked well till this day and i hope it will continue to work as well as today!
  7. Malik Ristig added a post in a topic Backlinking Tool???   

    Actually i have it if you want it its pretty basic for my liking but it works!
  8. Malik Ristig added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    Hello i am Malik from China i came here to learn more about Coding and more abour collecting Leads!
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