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  1. mbp added a post in a topic Worldwide Manta   

    ok thank you for the update. Appreciated.
  2. mbp added a post in a topic Worldwide Manta   

    ok thank you.
    Re my search - my scrape gathered about 350 say A to D.
    Is there a way to begin next scrape at say page 21 so i can get E to say P?
    Thanks .
  3. mbp added a topic in Requests and Requirements   

    Worldwide Manta
    Hi, my first post.
    If I search "manufacturing industries in Victoria, Australia" there are 1,389.
    I realize this is unlikely to be captured in one scrape attempt and may "max out" at say 20 pages at 35 entries per page = say 700.
    That will be from A to say G.
    Is there a way to conduct a second search of same link STARTING at say page 20 so one captures H to Z?
    It appears to me the Manta entry for each company does not include a link to the actual company website?
    Why is this exclusion to such valuable information?
    eg: http://www.manta.com/ic/mxrc8wl/au/activeaide-pty-ltd
    Yet they do have a company website: http://www.activeaide.com/au/
    Is there a way to include this information when we do a scrape?  I saw on update to V2.2 that it included company websites? 
    I am from Aust. Adelaide so may not be online with timezone.
    All the best
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