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  1. iTbots added an answer to a question Aliexpress and Alibaba scraper   

    Update will be Rolled out Today,be patient SKU Number is not easy to Isolate!
  2. iTbots added a post in a topic Manta Lead Generator>>Generate Thousands of Leads and make $$$   

    Release Date: 15/9/2015
    Great to have You Back Here Guys Our Brand New Manta Leads Generator V2.3 is Out.
  3. iTbots added a post in a topic Worldwide Manta   

    Yes we are currently working on Developing a Method to Scrape All Pages and Links and Then according to user Input Software Can Start Scraping from a Specified Page,still we are concentrated on Browser issues that happens once manta Locks The Browser Their Security is Formidable but the data you collect even 350 leads is of great and amazing Value!
    Best and Worst of both Worlds at one Website!
    Keep you posted! 
  4. iTbots added a post in a topic Worldwide Manta   

    Ok so Manta Worlwide Changed their Code and the Website Info is located somewhere else now and we will issue an Update to Download Website Info as well.
    Manta is adding more security almost every week they are changing the structure of their HTML that is why sometimes App wont scrape something as obvious as Website URL,but dont worry we will keep the software Up to date as we did for last Year!
    Kind Regards and thanks for Bringing this to our attention!
  5. iTbots added a post in a topic [FREE] SuperPages Scraper v1.0 Scrape,Learn & Apply For Beginners   

    Cause we never did white pages can you give me an example URL?
  6. iTbots added a post in a topic Problem with Manta Scraper - http://true/   

    Error Fixed in Latest Update we did it Today!
  7. iTbots added a question in User Experiences of Our Software   

    So Post Your Experiences Here.....
    Hey Guys for all of you who own our Software here is your chance to comment Bad Things and Good Ones everything is allowed so let us know what do you think about our Products and Services!
    Best Regards from John!
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  8. iTbots added a post in a topic Problem with Manta Scraper - http://true/   

    Its Manta Security that is the problem we will remove this error as soon as we finish updating from their latest security check!
    You can always Count at us!
  9. iTbots added a post in a topic What is the Best Promotional Software?   

    Haha thanks guys for Skyping me to answer your question i use all of them all the time   !
  10. iTbots added a post in a topic [Sell] Linkedin Leads Generator ==> [Source Code+Compiled Bot]   

    Source Code and Compiled Bot Were Updated to Latest Version.
    ·         Added Profile Visitor to the software
    ·         Source Code Updated
    ·         Compiled Bot Updated

    We Updated our Lead Generator to View Profiles of Other People.
    See LinkedIn redirects traffic to your profile if you watch other people profiles so that is the basic function of this update we allowed users to get noticed on LinkedIn.

    We also made every function run in Threads so You can still manage your Profile in Main Browser while Software Visits other Profiles and Collects Leads from LinkedIn!
    Update is free for existing Customers and Price Goes up for with every new update for new customers.
    Current Prices:
    Compiled Bot ==> 110$
    Source Code ==>  180$
  11. iTbots added a post in a topic To say heloooooouuuu   

    Glad you joined our little group of Users!
  12. iTbots added a post in a topic ITbots Team?   

    Bingo that is our main Engineer this entire thing started from him he basically founded our company 2 years ago, and this whole forum/Site Brand and Logo was his idea so he is sort of our Boss.
    But we all work together over Skype Video Chats and we usually spend 2,3 hours a day talking and making stuff, trial runs,debugging,creating mini apps,slideshows,video animations we do all kind of stuff for our company but like i said once you love what you do especially with capable and kind bunch of people its really not considered work in our eyes!
    Its strange all these years together and nobody actually asked who works here haha.
    Well now you Know!
  13. iTbots added a post in a topic ITbots Team?   

    Well we all do......haha  
    See itbots is not one person its just few of us using the same account on many different networks
    our Graphics Designer: Lisa L. works on Peopleperhour and Fiverr
    our Coder and Programmer Deadunderman works on Fiverr and on Custom Orders
    I am the one Creating Videos and managing forum (I also like design and animations in general)
    and our Friend/Customer from Australia Promotes us to the world using his weird (But often Successful Methods)
    So When you see the Name iTbots chances are you are talking with one of us,you can reach us on most popular networks today and we work on separate projects as well as this site but we are mostly dedicated to this Website and our base customers and friends who use our forum and we help them on daily basis.
    When you do something you love its almost as is if you don't work at all!
    I Hope i answered to your question!
  14. iTbots added a topic in Web Automation Tools   

    [Sell] Linkedin Leads Generator ==> [Source Code+Compiled Bot]
    Posted Today, 06:04 PM

    LinkedIn Lead Generator is a Software which was created for users with LinkedIn Pro Version,therefore our customers use this tool for finding correct contacts to collect Information from This
    You Can use it if you have Basic Account as well but after some time (Depending on how big your account is LinkedIn Could limit your search query)
    This is why we sell this on Demand people who use this tool usually have LinkedIn Premium and they collect these data and sell it to their customers)
    There is only handful of our customers that use this tool since we didn't even marketed it yet so you iTbots guys will get an exclusive run on it.
    Let me List few Benefits of this Source Code and how useful it can be in your case
    Find Contacts Related to your Keyword Find Information about LinkedIn Groups Find Info about Companies related to your Keyword Learn about Scraping process on LinkedIn (Which i assure you isn't easy) Sell Scraped Info (We do this on almost daily basis) Inspect this Code and Learn from it See the Scraped Info in organized form in your Excel (Almost like an API)  

    So we are selling
    Compiled Bot (We can Re-Brand it according to your needs
    Source Code (Which gives you the freedom to add your own Existing Code to it)
    Of course you can learn from Source Code and Find out just how does this work!

    For All Pricing Please Send me a Message and i will reply ASAP to all you guys!
    For as Long as I am Selling this Bot you will have Full Support and Receive Updates For Free from now on!
       Best Regards Boys & Girls!    
    User Profiles.csv
    LinkedIn Companies.csv
    LinkedIn Groups.csv
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